04 12 / 2012

01 12 / 2011

Sure is nice to be a traveller again.

Sure is nice to be a traveller again.

16 5 / 2011

I’ve sadly neglected my travel blog, primarily for the fact that I haven’t had time to do much writing for pleasure. I would write in my journal at least once a day during my trip last year, but often I would scribble a thought or quote or idea at multiple points throughout the course of a day. For 2011, I have about 10-15 entries in my diary.

I feel a bit sad about that fact. So I’m not going to be too hard on myself, or edit myself excessively in the interests of just writing.

Tomorrow, I’m off on a “business trip” of sorts - I’m flying interstate for some meetings and other business related to my PhD and will be staying two nights in Canberra. This will be my second trip to Canberra in six months (with quite a few more to come in the next 2.5 years), and my third and fourth flights since arriving back home from RTW2010.

Though I learned to hate flying (thanks TSA) and love train travel (thanks Deutsche Bahn), I will admit to feeling that familiar sense of excitement for another journey, no matter the vessel. The magically mundane tasks of checking carry-on baggage restrictions, writing up packing lists, actually packing my bags…those tasks had become so routine after ten months, and I was happy to let go of them after returning home in October 2010. Then again, I’ve dotted the months following with near-monthly roadtrips, so maybe the routine was never abandoned in the first place… Whatever the case, I’m glad to be off again. Perhaps I’m not a “traveller” this week, but I know I’ll get my chance to explore again, and sooner rather than later.

08 2 / 2010


Pretty simple, really! Independent travel has serious perks, like never having to compromise on most anything. But there are definitely times when it gets lonely, or when seeing something amazing would have been about ten times better if you had loved ones around to share it with. Though I am living the dream, I miss you crazy kids back home!


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I miss the freedom to drive wherever I want at any given time. I miss singing along loudly to whatever is on my iPod while driving. I miss vehicles driving on the left (and correct) side of the road!


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I miss the feeling of sitting down with my guitar and de-compressing after a crazy hectic day. Luckily, most of the hostels I’ve stayed at have had a guitar to play (mostly nylon-stringed, though…schade!), but I miss my instruments because they’re mine and the incredible memories they hold for me.


It’s not so much that good food is non-existent in the US, but I feel like it takes a little more effort to find than in Australia. And about good coffee! Though SF, Portland, and NYC coffee is pretty decent, and in some cases pretty damn excellent, I still crave a short black from Porgie’s, or Red Tongue. Hands down though, the best coffee I’ve ever had was at Barista in Portland. A little tip for my fellow caffeine addicts - if you like your coffee strong, order a double or triple shot of coffee. A double shot of espresso here is about equal to a regular short black in Melbourne.


Okay, so most of you know that I’m a big fan of winter. And the US has delivered in all sorts of ways - everything from the temperate climes of LA/Austin/Orlando, to the misty SF fog, to the persistent grey and rain of Portland, and of course, snow and chilling cold in New York. Even though I have been fortunate to see quite a bit of sun in the depths of this winter journey, there is nothing quite like an Australian summer. Beaches, barbeques, cricket, lying on the tiles because they are the coldest thing in the house on a 40+ degree day…that’s what I miss!

These are all pretty simple pleasures, but you can bet that the week I get home, I’ll be catching up with mates (preferably on the beach), hugging my family to pieces, driving to my favourite breakfast place to eat my favourite breakfast (with a just-sweet-enough short black or two), and finishing out my days with a guitar in hand.

05 12 / 2009

shallow waters leading to the beach.

shallow waters leading to the beach.

05 12 / 2009

last light from torquay.

last light from torquay.

05 12 / 2009

sunset over jan juc.

sunset over jan juc.

26 10 / 2009

a torquay weekend. sun, sand, surf - hard to beat it.

22 10 / 2009

so looking forward to seeing this coastline again.  torquay wins my heart.

so looking forward to seeing this coastline again. torquay wins my heart.